We focus most of our projects in the following areas around Digital Financial Services

  • User Experience Design
  • Market Assessment & Analysis
  • Design, planning, prototyping and execution for Digital Banking, Payments & Commerce

Some of our recent projects include :

Remittance Backed Products
A leading global remittance and foreign exchange group gave us mandate to assess and develop concepts for a series of remittance backed products helping with financial inclusion impact to both beneficiary and sender. Target was women consumers with products like purpose linked savings, micro insurance, investment plans and purpose based remittances.

Large Indian Payment Bank
We helped one of the largest Payment Banks in India with upskilling their CXOs and teams on digital payments, business models, Fintech and innovative market case studies. This was done through a series of inspiration sessions which culminated in a full day team workshop on Human-Centered Design with teams prototyping solutions to key challenges for the Bank’s launch.

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Digital Product Development
We worked with one of the leading money transfer networks in the world to co-develop a global proposition for digital partners. This included assessing the consumer needs, partner value proposition and re-packaging the full-remittance stack from user interface, clearing settlement liquidity, compliance regulatory and technology layers

Fintech Payment Company Go To Market
This project was with a global provider of mobile payment and financial services solutions to enhance their Go-To-Market and Products strategy towards various regions of the world and specific market segments like banks, mobile money providers & payment institutions. This included a full benchmarking of their technology solutions vis-a-vis competition