The Bridge DFS Engagement Approach

At Bridge DFS ( we know that by listening to and empathising with our clients and their customers, we can rapidly discover gaps and opportunities. Our aim is to spend 20% of the time taken for typical research to identify 80% of more of the opportunities. With our clients we look for new tools and solutions that are not in place today. And then we invest in thinking, designing building and refining prototype solutions till they meet customers needs before implementing them.

Unlike typical research firms and consultancy organizations which deploy generalists to work on financial services projects, at Bridge DFS we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and the network of experts in this domain. We use this experience and expertise to help our clients to accelerate their progress from concepts to solutions.

Talk to us to find out how we helped India’s largest payment bank solve a liquidity challenge or how we solved a cash-management problem for a dominant eCommerce player by offering instant lending.

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