Quarantine Diary Post#3: Seafaring without sickness

Not even 40 years ago, our port was the destination for business people from the region, arriving by ship after weeks of gruelling travel. And the starting point for traders and entrepreneurs going out to explore far away markets.

For some of our predecessors there was no choice and this was inherent to earning a livelihood. Today, quarantines have replaced those journeys. Weeks of isolation that bookend business trips. I was in a conference call with a colleague from the digital money industry earlier today and she was laughingly recalling that she’s spent more time in isolation since the beginning of the year that out of it. In many of the countries that we operate in, trust can only be built up in person. Therefore travel is still a necessity.

But unlike the journeyers that have gone before us, we are digitally connected, in sanitized comfortable accommodation, our well-being monitored by professionals and still able to work full-time. It’s a matter of getting used to it. I will have to travel again and possibly go through this again. But it’s but a fraction of inconvenience of travel but a few decades ago.

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