Quarantine Diary Post#2: Making it personal

Image from WeWork, Atlanta, GA

Small businesses, mom&pop stores, solo-preneurs – we are the bulk of the employers around the world. Small businesses are personal – born out of necessity or passion. To keep the home-fires burning we have to soldier on. As much as we would love wfh, its often a luxury.

Many of us to do remarkable things to keep ourselves and our companies safe. An eCommerce store owner I know who has nine employees had to create a safe-distance environment in a tiny working area. The owner moved inventory between desks, creating physical barriers, everybody was double-masked all the time and timings were staggered to reduce in-office presence. All employees were vaccinated and given time-off if there were any reactions. All this while demand jumped up tremendously.

My business partner and I ensure safe-distance at our discussions, we follow a rigid protocol when entering buildings or meeting at office. And always drive separate cars to meetings.

We naturally envy large corporations that get relief but real business does not work that way. It’s about driving the top-line and reducing costs.

We fully appreciate the requirements for quarantines. Challenging as they may be, they keep us safe as well as protect the communities we do business in.

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