Radio Ga Ga and the wheel of innovation

Sanjiv Purushotham, Founding Partner, Bridge DFS (

Oct 4, 2020

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We watch the shows, we watch the stars
On videos for hours and hours
We hardly need to use our ears…

1983 – Roger Taylor, the drummer from the rock band Queen may well have been writing about the endless video calls that we are on. Mr. Taylor’s lyrics described the fading away of music from radios. At that time, music went fully video. Brands like MTV and its clones ruled the music world. People watched music rather than listened to it. Resulting in some forgettable pop music in the years that followed.

It was easy to believe then that video would be the dominant medium for music for all time. But the wheel of innovation keeps moving. In less than two decades, radio fought back with remarkable content and specialization. First on FM where we found our favourite stations and radio voices. And then with internet radio. Now, its Apple Music and Spotify. And the music has been getting really good again.

A number of businesses tend to think of going “digital” as if that would gloss over a discordant business model. The reality is that a successful financial services offering harmonizes with the interplay between people and businesses on the stage of commerce. Buying a new payment processing platform or implementing some new fintech offering will not change the rhythm unless businesses listen to the music. MTV videos could kill the radio star only for a relatively short while. And while MTV has transformed itself, most of its clones don’t exist anymore.

At Bridge DFS (, we successfully encourage our clients to listen to their customers through the Ideo-based Human Centered Design methodology. Without exception, we have successfully helped our clients find a new groove.

At Bridge DFS ( we focus on designing digital journeys in the area of financial services – payments, lending and money management. We base our work on several decades of practitioners’ expertise in digital financial services coupled with the Ideo-based Human Centered Design (HCD) methodology.

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