Co-working: A cultural shift

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Bridge DFS focuses on hunting for value for its clients by methodically deploying the Ideo-based Human Centered Design thinking process. We applied that methodology to ourselves when we started-up. In our line of work, perhaps more acutely relevant than in others, individual talent is a key success factor. Experience taught us that talent and hierarchy are not always synonymous. Therefore, in our design, we consciously separate leadership from hierarchy. In our projects, the talent with the most relevant skills, expertise and attitude is the lead.

To us, that is co-working. Allowing for individuals and teams to work together to co-create. To come up with different ways to hunt for value. We do our best to keep each of our co-workers clear about what is expected of them. And we are upfront about addressing expectations. We zealously guard this approach even as we grow.

This approach has prepared us very well for the pandemic situation. Allowing us to right-size and correctly resource initiatives. With no overheads or “management” of talent. Without the need for coffee machines and fruit bowls. And “campuses”. I’d like to think that we we got it right from the start.

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