It is the best of times, it is the worst of times…

Everyday brings in news stories that are equally divided between hopefully futuristic and downright dismal. But at Bridge DFS ( we are incurable optimists. Although we focus our IDEO based Human Centered Design thinking approach on payments and lending, we are delighted to share a truly visionary story from an unrelated but equally absorbing industry. The last ever internal combustion car rolled off the production lines at Volkswagen’s Zwickau factory in late June this year. 114 years from the date it was founded, Zwickau will now switch entirely to Electric Vehicles. Link below.

We believe that payments, lending and related businesses are in that process of massive transformation. And like Volkswagen, the big players in this financial services industry must also be considering sun-setting their original business models.

At Bridge DFS, our passion is to help our clients manage through this transformation. We help them ferret out the real problem that their customers have. We design solutions in partnership with them.

Photo by Mariana Plozner on

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